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KR brought the perspective and analysis that enabled us to address our challenges thoughtfully and to gain alignment among multiple stakeholders based on transparent rationale.” – Biotech CEO

An emerging biotech company had achieved significant success in the launch of its first product, enabling it to go public and continue funding its proprietary R&D portfolio. The management team and board lacked comfort that the R&D pipeline was strong enough to drive future earnings growth, a concern echoed by some Wall Street analysts. The company's technology platforms had yielded interesting opportunities in a broad range of therapeutic areas, which made it difficult to build a critical mass of clinical-scientific expertise in any one area, as well as making it very challenging to develop an efficient commercial organization. KR provided external perspective on how to address these challenges and a disciplined and objective process for reviewing the company's R&D portfolio, yielding insight into the magnitude and timing of the earnings gap, providing recommendations for which development programs to fund and which ones to out-license, and developing a profile for attractive in-licensing candidates. KR has continued to provide ongoing perspective and support for subsequent portfolio reviews.


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