Developing Corporate
Growth Strategy

“KR helped us gain valuable perspective and focus
in the right areas.”
– Biotech CEO

Now that its in-licensed products had reached market, revenues for this publicly-traded small biotech were ramping up. So too were the expectations of investors for future corporate growth. Cash was limited by product launch requirements. Raising capital would involve dilution. Management's concern was confirmed by KR's analysis of their existing business: the business model that had led to the company's current success (developing late-stage, in-licensed products and commercializing them with a small sales force in a niche franchise area) would not provide sufficient future revenue growth. Working closely with management and board, KR led the characterization and analysis of “white space” opportunities such as targeted discovery capabilities, earlier-stage in-licensing, expanded therapeutic area focus, and complementary sales force capabilities. In addition, KR provided an outside in analysis of strategic success and failure modes for a wide range of other emerging mid-size biopharmas. With this context, the management and board gained the perspective and insight to choose a clear strategic direction and focus its business in the right areas.


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