Developing the Value Proposition for Attracting a Potential Partner

“KR’s work helped attract our current partner.”
– Biotech CEO

Faced with the need to attract a partner, one client requested KR's independent perspective on the in-licensing value proposition for specific preclinical assets from the view of potential partners. KR reviewed the secondary market research concerning the targeted indications, and developed views as to how the client’s novel product would be likely used in conjunction with and as a supplement to existing therapies. In addition, KR considered the extensive pipelines of competitors pursuing the same novel mechanism for the same indications, and verified its conclusions with primary market research and through interviews with opinion leaders from two leading clinics. Using probabilistic simulation, KR analyzed product value based on a wide range of possible development outcomes, label claims, and competitive scenarios. KR was asked to present its perspective on product value and risks to a potential partner the first time the two CEOs met. Three months later, they signed a deal that was highly favorable to KR's client. This deal raised the bar relative to prior industry standards for deal terms that could be accomplished for preclinical assets.


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