Focusing Attention and
Prioritizing Resources

“KR’s analysis and facilitation was highly insightful. It aligned our board and helped focus our management team.” – Biotech Board Chairman

A science-based biotech startup had just in-licensed an IP estate of “first rate science” from a local university. The company had just secured its Series A financing. More than 20 scientific pathways with potential molecules had yet to be explored in animal models. Although no compounds had yet entered the clinic, a good case could be made that the scientific opportunity might translate into improved therapies for at least 30 different indications. The management and board needed to gain clarity and alignment on where to focus limited human and financial resources, how best to achieve timely validation and step-up value, and what should be the priorities for out-licensing. KR analyzed the sizing and timing of these opportunities — focusing on what was known about mechanisms of action paired with particular indications; near-term learning potential based on availability, predictability, and cost of animal models; the probability of success in achieving various step-up values prior to a next round of financing; and the range of uncertainty about the size and competitiveness of the various market opportunities. KR's analysis, facilitation, and thought-leader interviews resulted in the needed perspective and alignment to focus on the four most promising opportunities. Fifteen months later, the selected lead compounds have shown highly favorable results toward proof-of-concept in man. Based on this success, additional financing has been secured and serious negotiations are underway with a potential acquirer.


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