With over 100 years of cumulative management and consulting experience, Keelin Reeds Partners have earned an unparalleled reputation for excellence in work product combined with a track record of maximizing value for clients.

Founded in 2003, KR grew out of the need of emerging biotech, diagnostics and medical device companies to value their assets and portfolios credibly and transparently for several purposes: to creatively strategize and gain alignment on how best to allocate resources for highest value; to determine appropriate timing and deal terms for partnering; to clarify their value propositions for potential partners or investors; and to achieve the best possible deal terms relative to market through licensing or M&A transactions.

KR staff has more than two decades of experience in helping the large pharmaceutical companies achieve better resource allocation. We also pioneered the probabilistic-simulation-based valuation methodologies now used by most of these companies, including training and coaching their internal staffs.

While emerging companies have similar needs for analytic rigor, transparency, and credibility in their evaluations, they have additional needs. These include estimating event-driven step-ups in value as their products progress; clarifying their value propositions to potential partners and investors; gauging asset-specific, market-value deal terms, both now and after next-stage success, to support licensing-timing decisions; and considering both business development and product development options simultaneously as they manage their portfolios. Based on having served more than 50 emerging life-sciences companies since inception, KR has uniquely pioneered powerful, fact-based solutions in all these areas.

KR's fact-based solutions are based on decades of cumulative experience across companies; access to a wide range of secondary market research across indications and therapy areas; ability to develop tailored insight based on peer-led interviews of thought leaders or fast, web-based surveys; access to a wide range of success probability and development cost metrics; and KR's proprietary data base of asset-specific, market-value deal terms developed in conjunction with the Business Development Committee of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).