Corporate Strategy:
Which set of strategic choices will create the most value? Which competencies should we develop internally vs. outsourcing? How should we organize our business for highest value?

Portfolio Resource Allocation:
Now that we have multiple products under development, how do we best allocate our resources for highest value? Could we create more value by out-licensing selected assets and using the resulting upfronts and milestones to fund additional development or in-licensing?

Partnering & Financing Strategy:
Should we out-license now or wait until we have achieved subsequent milestones to justify a step-up in value? What is the profile of an ideal partner? What are the best alternatives to partnering?

Getting Better Deal Terms:
How is our asset worth in the licensing marketplace? How can we credibly strengthen our negotiating position and get better deal terms? How do we trade off up-front payments vs. downstream royalty payments vs. equity investment?

Product Development Strategy:
Of the 5 markets we could pursue with this asset, where should we focus our development investment? Should we aim for the broadest appeal or a high-value niche market?

Asset Valuation:
What is the technical risk, development cost and timing, competitive environment, and commercial potential of this asset?