Michael Mischke-Reeds

Managing Partner

Michael, a founding partner of KR, has led a broad range of projects for over 30 emerging biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, including asset valuation and product development strategy, partnership strategy and deal term negotiations and portfolio management. Recognizing that mid-sized biotech and specialty pharma companies face complex decisions regarding product development and out-licensing/in-licensing, he led the development of KR’s breakthrough methodology for optimizing portfolio-level decisions that incorporate both R&D resource allocation as well as partnership dimensions. For a client in recent out-licensing negotiations with a much larger company, Michael led the negotiations session between the two parties that persuaded the partner to significantly increase its peak sales projections, netting KR’s client over $10 mm in additional upfront and milestone payments. Previously, while at SDG, he led strategy and portfolio management projects for Global 1000 companies. In addition to his management consulting experience, Michael brings the practical knowledge of a seasoned industry executive. He co-founded Chiron Informatics, where he developed HIV disease management solutions, then co-founded Fast Track Systems, the leading provider of industry benchmark data to biopharmaceutical R&D organizations. His work at Chiron and Fast Track resulted in five patents. Michael has chaired numerous international healthcare standards committees, including HL-7 Decision Support and the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). He received his BA in Philosophy from Stanford University, where he was a premed student and completed the entire graduate curriculum in Decision Science courses, and a MA from Naropa University in Psychology.